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Carbon Neutral Website Hosting

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"An overlooked essential that matters a great deal” 

At WhyMedia, our website hosting service means that businesses will not have to worry about any external factors affecting their website. Why Media houses all servers and maintains them ourselves, allowing you peace of mind. Hosting a website requires expert skills and costly server rooms. Here at Why Media we are proud to offer this service.

Why is hosting a detail that warrants investment?

Hosting costs can vary, but we recommend quality solutions and  secure british servers. The reason we say this is if your website or digital environment is on a cheap server for example ‘go daddy’ , you run the risk of being on the same server as a porn website. Be careful where you put company files. You no doubt are of good culture, but there is bad and criminal content on the web. Our secure and completely clean servers are expensive but they allow us peace of mind. They have over 99.9 percent uptime and are carefully compliant with growth for EU legislation. We are heavily committed to sustaining an environment to store our clients’ web files and increasing our capacity by 15 percent every quarter. A good host environment ensures good Google search engine results.