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Design, Branding and Marketing Services in Cambridge

Design, Branding and Marketing Services in Cambridge

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Cambridge boasts a number of galleries and even has the Churchill College Located in the City.

Introduction to Cambridge:

Cambridge offers an excellent middle ground between a built up town with lots of easily accessible shops and restaurants,whilst being extremely close to unspoilt and natural countryside. World-renowned for the prestigious University of Cambridge , the town has a lot to offer. 

Why Media and Cambridge: 

Why Media is a leading marketing agency providing website development services, digital marketing services, social media management, branding and SEO marketing services to the most influential businesses in North Cambridge, South Cambridge and Central Cambridge.

Eating and drinking in Cambridge: 

Cambridge is gifted in its wide range of restaurants and pubs, you can have a quick bite or a quality sit down meal and be satisfied every time. From High Street favourites such as Wagammas, Nandos and Honest burger to unique hot spots such as Agora, Cotto and Cafe Foy. Take dining to a new level, with Sticks and Sushi for a guaranteed top end meal or Browns where you can be sure to not leave unsatisfied.






St peters Church is located next to Boots and the Grand Arcade in Cambridge City Centre

History in Cambridge:

Cambridge became established in the 18th century by setting up its own newspaper in 1744, a hospital in 1766, and its first bank in 1780. By 1845, it became connected to London by railway. However not many people know, but Cambridge was only made a city in 1951. 

Parks and green spaces in Cambridge:

Jesus Green is a park in the north of central Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England, north of Jesus College. It's the perfect picnic spot all year round, used by many for an afternoon in the sun or an early morning stroll. 

Schools in Cambridge:

As well as the university, Cambridge is also home to a range of other excellent schools. Some examples include Fordham CofE Primary School,a primary school that most local parents are desperate to get their children into due to its most recent Grade 1 Ofsted review of Outstanding. With regards to secondary schools, Chesterton Community College also is highly sought-after and received a Grade 1 from their most recent Ofsted review. The area offers a great quality of education.

Property in Cambridge:

Housing in Cambridge is a broad continuum, accommodating for all in its diverse and accommodating facilities, there is a price, size and home for everyone. Based on recent data it is said that the average property price in Cambridge is £316,392. Although this is an average, there are plenty of properties available that are above and below this average price. The diverse housing market offers town houses, trendy flats and cosy cottages.

Shopping and things to do in Cambridge: 

The highstreet offers some familiar favourites such as Mango and All Saints. For something more designer, there is a lot to offer with regards to high-end stores such as: Pandora, Levi and Ted Baker. Furthermore, it has a great M&S for a weekly shop as well as a Costa Coffee for a quick drink. Punting is a well known and much loved activity in cambridge, it’s an iconic past time that is enjoyed in the good weather along the river Cam.

Transport in Cambridge:

Cambridge has several bus services including routes linking five Park and Ride sites all of which operate seven days a week. With regards to trains, Cambridge has its own train station that links perfectly into London Kings Cross  in just under an hour.

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