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Brand Guidelines

   Corporate Identity & Branding

Brand identity cannot be created without a consistent vision of how you want your brand to be represented and recognised. 

Brand guidelines are key to keeping your brand focused and consistent to create this representation. We help you to get your brand in order, creating rules for consistency in fonts, colours, and logo usage to keep your brand instantly recognisable from anywhere. 

Why Media’s branding experts will create detailed guidelines for every aspect of your brand, to ensure you have everything you need to build the brand without stress.  

Why Media offer two brand guideline packages: Brand Style Summary and Brand Style Guideline pack.

The Brand Style Summary contains:

  • Brand overview

  • Brand Identity do’s and don’ts

  • Brand identity versions (e.g. landscape/portrait)

  • Brand colour palette

  • Brand fonts

  • Brand application example


The Brand Style Guideline Pack offers a much more in-depth guide for your brand and is recommended for larger companies. The pack includes everything in the summary, as well as further information tailored to the company, such as:

  • Brand history

  • Brand ethos

  • Brand messaging

  • Brand strategy overview

  • Brand image usage overview

  • Brand corporate stationery

  • An array of brand applications from clothing to outdoor hoardings