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Website Design & Development


Your website is our passion.

Your website is the modern age telephone number, the first point of contact between your business and new clients. Therefore, we at Why Media find it astonishing that so many businesses still invest in a template website - a website structure which is shared with thousands of other companies, a bit like sharing your mobile number with all of your competitors! 

At Why Media, we only believe in tailor-made websites using bespoke code, enhanced SEO functions and open-source content management systems, like MODX, which are used and trusted by some of the world’s largest organisations, including Coca Cola, and offers unrivalled speed and security. 

Our skills do not stop at back-end website development. We have a highly experienced team of front-end developers and graphic designers who collaborate at the strongest level to ensure unique, tailored and relevant design and website functionality which meets your business expectations and provides an outstanding user experience. 

Why Media is trusted by both prestigious, established organisations and aspiring companies, to provide website design, website development and search engine optimization strategies, and has been since 2010. 



Why Media Website Design and Development Key Features

  • Bespoke website development

  • Bespoke website design

  • Integrated content management system (MODX)

  • Use of the latest Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) software

  • Video compatible

  • API integration - Ranging from integrated property feeds for estate agents to social media feeds from Twitter and Instagram

  • Fully compliant for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

  • Fully compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA)

  • Enhance data capture integration 

  • Built using the latest responsive technology (Smartphone, Tablet and SmartTV compatible)

What Types of Websites do we Design and Develop?

  • Brochure sites

  • Holding pages

  • Interactive web pages

  • Blog-style websites

  • E-Commerce websites 

  • Video focused websites 

  • Corporate websites

  • Consumer websites

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