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Brand Questionnaire The Importance of a Brand

Simply put, a brand is a promise- A promise of consistency, quality and service, that provides a preference for one brand over another.

A brand is a short cut for decision-making.

A brand is an asset, which adds financial value.

Brand Drivers are all points of communication – logo identity, environment, corporate literature, interior design, advertising, packaging, signage etc.

Creating a clear and consistent brand for your product or service provides a set of brand rules helping to build a trusted and recognisable identity.

Objectives of the Questionnaire.

  • To gain a clear understanding of the business for brand architecture
  • To learn more about your offer, your audience and your objectives to establish the most effective creative strategy

Describe how, when & why the business was formed?

How would YOU describe the business to someone who doesn’t know why your company was formed and what you have to offer?

What is the main core offer that defines your business?

Is there a single phrase that sums up the essence of your new business?

Is there a parent company, partners, affiliates or associates? If so, what is the company’s relationship with these other businesses?

What are the strategic objectives for the short term (what you want to achieve in the next twelve months) and long term?

What are your biggest challenges?

Describe what you think should be your corporate philosophy and character of the business?

Describe who your target audience will be and what you think they will want to feel when dealing with this new business.

Brand Positioning

Do you have competitors who have produced marketing literature that you like?

What are the strengths and weaknesses of your business?

Who are your partners/what types of customers do you want to attract?

Demographics, E.G. Geographic, demographics, industry sector, languages, age demographic, etc.

Who are your main competitors? (List the top three first).

How do you see your positioning being different from that of your closest three competitors? What is your USP?

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