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Time and again the question arises, what is the difference between sales and marketing?

The Answer: A Lot

But how can we clarify this, to individuals purchasing marketing services, with the aspiration for direct sales being achieved?

SALES = The exchange of a commodity or service for money.

MARKETING = The positioning of a service or product.

Why Media is a design and marketing agency, so adding "meat-to-the-bone" here is not so tough!

  • Marketing creates clarity of offer or service
  • Marketing creates excitement and understanding of the offer or service to customers and or clients
  • It is the exception when a sale is closed through the campaign literature
  • Marketing and Advertising have a LOT in common #familly
  • Marketing creates excitement and understanding of the business in team members
  • Marketing adds value to a brand
  • Marketing spend and return never marry in the short term,  Marketing is a long term approach
  • You hope your competitors have their eyes off the Marketing ball
  • Some Marketing activity sticks, some gets lost
  • A Marketing review has to take place at least every 12 months
  • All success stories have a coherent and consistent marketing strategy behind them
  • Marketing should be a minimum of 3% of your net business sales if you are looking to grow
  • Marketing can take many forms; for example, a great menu or clever brand can be categorized as marketing literature
  • Marketing is becoming more intelligent and digital platforms have ballooned due to their "tangible'' nature
  • Do not underestimate traditional Marketing media
  • If your product or service is poor Marketing can not help

This list is not exhaustive and has hundreds of dimensions.

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