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Why Media Marketing Survey

We have put together this survey to help you review your current marketing output and requirements for the year ahead. During these times, an agile and flexible strategy is imperative, take 5 minutes now to see where you may need assistance.

For all fully completed surveys Why Media will donate £10 to Centrepoint - helping homeless people in the UK

Do you have an agile Marketing Strategy?

Are you looking to maximise your Brand and Marketing output in 2021?

Has your business already completed its annual Marketing review?

Where is the majority of your current marketing spend allocated?

Do you feel that your business is making the most of Social Media Marketing?

Is your business open to working with external agencies to help maximise your Marketing output?

Do you feel that Video Marketing is something your business could benefit from?

In 2020, how much did your business spend on Marketing?

Thanks for taking the time to complete our survey. Please enter your details below to finish the survey and we will send £10 to Centrepoint. If you would like a no-obligation conference call about your current and future Marketing strategy then don't forget to tick the box below.