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Video Production

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“Camera, lights, engage - film and video marketing is about impact”

For five years now Why Media has successfully created video content for clients utilising a high quality in-house videography team, located in our Hertfordshire office. Our team uses the latest camera and sound technology in order to create a broad spectrum of video content. These can range from corporate videos showcasing your company's offer and culture to consumer focused videos promoting events, campaigns, new store openings and much more.

Why trust video production matter?

From A 10 second clip to a 2 hour movie, video production is at the heart of the video production and design sphere. To deliver engaging and effective film from testimonial to an instruction manual ,highly professional people are required. These include: planners, copywriters, story boarders, graphic designers, videographers and sound and lighting experts. This task is then typically handed over to marketing to promote and do any final testing. A strong video can tell a hundred stories; never underestimate the value of getting it right.

Summary: Why trust Why Media?

  • Engaging with over 70% more people than text or images
  • All of our video content is created in 4k high definition which means both image and sounds are to the highest standard
  • Adds movement to your website homepage
  • Enhance social media posts
  • Incorporate into email marketing campaigns
  • Available across the UK.