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Google My Business Management

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“An older but varied demographic love Facebook, but keep an eye on the algorithms”

Facebook continues to be a hugely impactful social media platform, and creating an audience on the page is highly beneficial to growing your business and success. Having a consistent and well-run page leads to an engaged and targeted audience which gives you a lot of power as a company. Here at Whymedia we offer Facebook management to ensure you don't waste the opportunity to create the most effective Facebook page possible for your business. It can be a full-time job keeping up with followers, content, group numbers, questions and compliance changes on social media, especially when there are so many channels to maximise.That is why we make it our job and not yours. Our Facebook management is a personalised service and can be tailored to your preferences. From monthly posts to daily posts engaging with clients, it's about what suits you and what you are aiming for. We are here to make that possible. 

Why is Facebook marketing still relevant?

Facebook is now the established father of the social media family. Heavily saturated by still delivering opportunities, the key is to beat the Facebook algorithms, and ensure your messages are being delivered to your target group  at the right time. Why Media manage and create the content for Facebook, integrate Facebook into websites and see the platform as a business essential. The Facebook groups section remains an important part of Facebook to inform people of certain interests across the age and demographic landscape.