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Pontefract: The UK’s Next Property Hotspot

As a property investor, staying up to date with the next property hotspots can mean the difference between generating a great yield and making a loss. However, the ever-fluctuating property market can make this a complicated task.

At Fitzwilliam Capital Partners, we’re your eyes and ears on the ground when it comes to finding the best places to invest in property. Our team of experienced property developers stay ahead of the curve, striving to find the most lucrative property hotspots before they take off. With successful developments in previous “up and coming” towns such as LeicesterHalifax and Doncaster, we’ve now set our sights on Yorkshire’s pretty market town of Pontefract.

High Return Property Investments in Pontefract

So, why Pontefract? Well, the town is located in the northern powerhouse, which currently boasts some of the best yields in the UK. Due to billions of pounds spent on redevelopment, a collection of thriving universities and an influx of business, investors have switched their focus from London to the likes of Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield.

As a result, the north has seen a significant uplift to its economy, the benefits of which are now starting to spread to its smaller towns and cities. For investors, these up and coming micro economies present the opportunity to generate strong yields that were previously impossible to achieve.

Pontefract is one of the towns that looks set to experience this type of growth. Even as far back as 2015, the town was identified as a potential growth area in the north. Nestled in South Yorkshire, this quaint old market town is showing significant signs of growth, making it a key opportunity for investors wanting to generate significant yields for a lower investment.

Investment Opportunities in Pontefract

Pontefract is famous for its picturesque town centre, period buildings and cobbled streets. It’s a town bursting with charm and personality, where you can find world-famous races, a lively Saturday market, the Haribo factory and liquorice in abundance. Furthermore, with a £750m redevelopment planned for the next few years, its appeal looks set to be enhanced even further.

Pontefract’s regeneration will focus on the creation of new homes, a new business district as well as enhanced green spaces and transport links. “The Castleford Masterplan supports our big ambitions to regeneration the town and to plan for the future,” explained Councillor Denise Jeffery, the Wakefield’s council’s cabinet member for economic growth and regeneration.

“This will provide homes for families in the district, help to boost our local economy and create various jobs for people in the area.”

It’s this redevelopment that will enhance local rental demand – and early investors are likely to see yield returns unrivaled by those found in bigger, more defined northern cities. According to property market intelligence company Data Loft, flat prices in Pontefract are currently up to 170% less than the UK as a whole, averaging at £79.5k. This comparatively low-cost property combined with anticipated high growth is what makes Pontefract such an attractive investment option for property investors.

A Different Type of High Return Property Investment

For some, the prospect of investing in a developing town can be daunting. When it comes to cashing in on the northern powerhouse growth, it’s tempting to follow suit and invest in property in one of the north’s bigger, more established cities.

However, Pontefract offers a unique property investment opportunity; one where you can see real growth right from the beginning of an upward turning trend. This means property investors will be able to generate far bigger yields and see growth for a more prolonged period of time.

Meanwhile, property markets in bigger northern cities are close to saturation point, both in terms of rental prices and investment opportunities. According to the Yorkshire Post’s 2018 housing predictions, towards the end of last year and into 2018, construction in Yorkshire has been slowing while “demand across the lower and middle markets remains healthy.”

This growing demand for housing in smaller markets means that Pontefract is perfectly placed to capitalise on this emerging property trend. With commuting tenants seeking cheaper, more tranquil living away from bigger cities, Pontefract is definitely a property investment hotspot in 2018.

Pontefract: 2018’s Property Hotspot

Located just a 30-minute drive from Leeds and Doncaster and 50 minutes from Sheffield, Pontefract offers tenants something bigger towns and cities can’t:

  • a growing economy
  • a peaceful, picturesque corner of Yorkshire
  • strong transport links to more established cities

And with time, demand for this offering looks set to increase. For investors looking for a UK property hotpot, Pontefract ticks a lot of boxes.

However, it’s not just the commuter who will benefit from Pontefract’s offering. The planned redevelopment is set to attract a variety of people to the city, such as families, professionals, and entrepreneurs – transforming the city from the inside out.

For example, for young renting families, Pontefract offers an abundance of OFSTED rated good and outstanding schools and colleges, while young professionals will be encouraged to stay and develop the town’s growing business district. Over the next decade, as Pontefract-based business matures, the town will start to see a reduction in its reliance on bigger city’s economies, transforming the town into a fully-fledged northern economy. And it’s for exactly this reason early investors will see the greatest returns on their investment.

Work with the Property Investment Hotspot Experts

Whether you’re a first-time investor or someone experienced who’s looking to add to your portfolio, our knowledgeable team can help you find the ideal investment property at the right price. With a strong focus on high return property investments, we’ll work with you to make sure you get the highest possible returns from your property investment.

When it comes to UK property hotspots, we know what we’re doing. We scour the UK to find the best opportunities for both our investors and ourselves, designing and developing our own properties in areas where growth is forecast. This means we’re just as invested in the growth as our investors. It also means that when you buy from us, you’re buying directly from the developer and minimising your expenses.

Our experience speaks for itself. In 2015, we built our first scheme in Leicester where rental demand far exceeded our investors’ expectations. Two years later in 2017, Leicester was named as one of the UK’s top five hot spots.

So, get the most out of your property investment today. Contact our team now and find out about how we can help you find an exciting investment property in the UK.