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Targeted Ads

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“PPC is in effect, an auction”

Target ads are at the centre of Facebook ,Google and Microsoft's value. Their data and algorithms are centred around understanding consumers' needs and interests. Targeted ads are an essential part of the marketing mix that allow house builders or shopping centres as well as B2B businesses in general to communicate their service provisions to the target demographic at the right time and the right place.

Why Media manage to target ad services form £5,000 pounds to £500,000. This is based on the scale of aspiration and requirements and the size of the target audience, as well as competitors' own buying power.

PPC manager at whymedia goes on to say:

A successful campaign clicks into an SEO friendly website. Our ultimate goal is to deliver results with the lowest possible investment to try and offset budgets into other marketing spheres that help with the branding marketing process. PPC plays a part but will always have a cost.