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Social Media Management

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“A massive part of advertising is social media, let's get it right!”

It can be a full-time job keeping up with followers, content, group numbers, questions and compliance changes on social media, especially when there are so many channels to maximise. That is why we make it our job and not yours. 

Over the last decade, our marketing team have been successfully providing social media management for: business-to-business clients,business-to-customer clients and organisations. As a team we have developed through the years in our marketing approaches due to the fast paced and forever changing environment that is social media. From the brand new appearance of Facebook pages, to the Instagram invasion and now the Tik Tok takeover - we are always up to date in what is the most popular and well-used social media platform.

More specifically, we help to introduce a multitude of our clients to a range of social media platforms like: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram , Tik Tok, Youtube and LinkedIn as an extension of their website. Ultimately, we emphasise how utilising these channels is another marketing tool to promote their brand, business, services and products, as well as winning clients and projects in a more efficient way.

A common misconception around social media marketing is that it is as simple as posting a photo on a business account with a hashtag to complete it. This couldn't be further from the truth. The channels and platforms we utilise with our clients are globally recognised as some of  the largest companies in the world. Therefore misusing an account on one of these platforms when representing your business can be self-destructive. Ultimately, it is imperative that you take some time as a company to invest into your social media content to ensure it is representative and effective. Instead of abandoning your page for weeks at a time, the help of Why Media can easily make this possible. 

Why should your business outsource social media management?

The agency has the advantage of different perspectives and inputs. You are better off outsourcing your social media marketing team as we understand that  creating content day in day out for the same subject becomes tiresome and consequently your content becomes bland. Therefore, our expert team can help change this and create content you are proud to post.

Summary: Why trust Why Media?

  • Over 10 years’ experience
  • Always investing to ensure new features, channels and tools are maximised
  • Complimented on our responsive approach
  • Compliance is always priority  
  • We offer a full serve social media management strategy 
  • Everything we create from banners to GIFS are in keeping with brand guidelines 
  • Engagement is everything 
  • Clear KPIs are integrated from day one
  • We report back all initiatives, statistics and analytics every month

What Social Media Services do we offer?

  • Full-service social media management
  • Group number campaigns
  • Engagement campaigns
  • Competitions
  • One-off campaigns
  • Online monitoring
  • Response management 
  • Graphic design
  • Live streams
  • Facebook and Instagram Stories videos 
  • Competitor reports
  • Targeted advertising campaigns 
  • Social media audits 
  • Social media strategies