Social Media Management


How Can Social Media Enhance Your Business?

There is more to social media than sharing a selfie or simply ‘having’ a Twitter account for your company. As the most powerful marketing tool in the world, social media holds a realm of opportunity for businesses, both in the B2B and B2C sectors. However, we appreciate that to manage your company social media profiles effectively takes time, focus and patience.  

Our Marketing Team have been using social media to raise company profiles and drive the right audience interest for over ten years, before Instagram and Snapchat were even conceived.  That’s why we have an excellent reputation for delivering results and exceeding expectations when it comes to everything social.


Our Social Media Services


Content creation


Digital Strategies


Engagement Management
- Responding to questions, monitoring conversations


Online Monitoring
- Tracking what is being said about your brand


Group number growth


Social Engagement


Social Media Graphics, GIFS and Videos


Online Polls


Facebook Review Growth/Management


Targeted Ads
(Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube)


Live Streams
(Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)


Competitor Tracking




Social Media Banners


Social Media Profile Images

 *Client needs may vary dependent on sector and campaign requirements




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