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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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“Search engine optimisation is best achieved through bespoke technology.”

The yellow pages just aren't what they were (i.e. they do not print it anymore). In real terms, Google operates 98 percent market share of search. Every business has to have a SEO strategy if they want to remain commercially viable. Google algorithms are constantly evolving and it is important to follow the rules and add the science. Undertaking activity on search platforms like Bing have hidden benefits and a bespoke website makes a massive difference especially when integrated with social media platforms like Instagram. To win the SEO war, you should be producing unique pages and new content continuously.

SEO manager in Why Media london office explains:

This is a big thing and it's the difference between Woolworths and Amazon. A focused and consistent approach will deliver results, but it takes time and the technical team in many ways play the largest part, we are big believers in Modx and the technology that sits within that framework