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Offline Marketing

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“We have seen a two fold increase in investments in magazines, brochures and outdoor marketing”

As part of a marketing mix, outdoor marketing,magazines and posters, still offer opportunity. The essential principle of marketing has not shifted really in 100 years. Come into contact with people on three different touch points and they will know your business and offer. Print and offline marketing offer more opportunity now than they ever have as many marketing communication departments have shied away from delivering such literature. This essentially offers an opportunity to stand out and be somewhat different on a very informed basis.

The magazine and tradition media team explain:

Our research and insights are patchy in this area and that is a large part of the challenge for budgets to be directed towards print and outdoor posters. What insights we do have prove that the penetration of these literature types is higher even if the audience types will be lower. We expect the growth of investment in this space to go up in the next three years as people catch up on the fact that this is essential.