Protect Your Brand Against Brexit and be Proactive


Posted on Jan 10, 2019


Without a doubt, one of the biggest challenges many businesses face in 2019 is the uncertainty and the destabilizing effect Brexit is having across most sectors in the UK, both large and small. Companies like certanties, certainties in relation to economic conditions and regulation, and unfortunately the current situation the UK finds itself in is one of confusion and panic. That being said, most of the businesses we deal with are happy that some stability is being proposed by Mrs May’s proposal and agreement to move forward with terms that are far from ideal - but stick to what voters wanted. (Mrs May deserves a big badge “I’m Trying” and without a doubt more support)



Moving on from the challenges of the scenario, what options do businesses in the UK face?


So what are the options, based on the current mood?






Any forward thinking aspirational business has to identify the opportunities in the market place currently being operated from, innovation and a healthy aspiration that your competitors fall into the trap of complaining about - something that is fundamentally out of their hands. The vote would have been in excess of 80% remain, had this been left to business - it wasn't, it really was a people's vote, something that has to be respected and supported. Two decades of stagnant wages would not have helped the sense of change that was required (ironically this is something that is embedded in Blairite policies from the late 90’s).

At Why Media we are happy to help the proactive businesses that want to make the most of changes in the marketing world, truly embrace the opportunity digital marketing offers, working collaboratively to deliver considered messaging and marketing that is focused on your target audience.