Voice Tech to Become a Marketing Must in 2019


Posted on Jan 07, 2019

Screens vs Voice...Will our new behaviour habits include voice requests for services and information in 2019? It certainly makes sense.

At Why Media, we have shared concerns previously about incompetencies and issues that have arisen with this technology, with Alexa and Siri struggling with even basic requests at times. But with recent updates from Amazon that gives Alexa over 45,000 new skills, this is indicative of how this software will continue to grow and will be vital when implementing long-term marketing plans. As this way of seeking services and information looks to become more mainstream, brands will look to move away from gimmicks to finding ways to add real value to consumers lives. In 2019 we predict that every major brand will have a voice strategy included in its marketing plan to remain current, so time for us all to get thinking.