13 Years On, Facebook Continues to be the Market Leader in Social Media Engagement.


Posted on Aug 26, 2016

Teenagers are not the ones glued to their smartphones! Research shows that over 50% of the UK adult population are ‘addicted’ to their mobile devices. Social applications, including Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat and Instagram, have grabbed everyone's attention.

In April, research showed that Facebook has a significant lead on all other social networking sites, with over 1.5 billion active users of their main app alone. 63% of Facebook users access the site daily with over half of these viewing the platform as much as eight times!

The graph below demonstrates Facebook’s domination of the market. Thanks to their acquisition of Whatsapp in 2014, Facebook own the top three most used social networking apps.



Claire White, Account Director of Why Media explains; “Facebook has now become a fact of life and whether you’re a house builder, asset owner or retail park the word; ‘Facebook’, is guaranteed  feature in the marketing conversation. Despite being 13 years old, Facebook is in a different stratosphere to its nearest competitors; Snapchat and Instagram. This is due to their ability to constantly evolve and respond to user reviews.  if people can log in to one app which allows them to see what their friends are doing, message people, arrange events and even use video, then they will. Also, with issues of storage and battery life for Smartphone users, the download of using one app helps.


As part of my role at Why Media it is imperative that we not only give our clients a clear and consistent presence on platforms like Facebook, but we identify the correct platforms for them to engage with their target audience [and generate a strong return on investment].


Facebook is yet to fail us on this. Not only due to the sheer volume of users, but also due to their detailed targeted advertising system and engagement opportunities. Engagement is key - having 10,000 fans  is no benefit to a business if they are only engaging with 10 people per post - that is where we come into play. My team has in- depth knowledge on how to use Facebook and other social networks to support brand awareness and business growth. And although we are 13 years in with Facebook, the numbers speak for themselves and we cannot see it going anytime soon.

The graph below shows how Facebook is ahead of competitors when it comes to engaging users.




Despite being the market leader in group numbers and engagement, the following graph  confirms that Instagram is the market leader when it comes to interactions. This is likely to be a result of Facebook’s revenue strategy which means posts by businesses will only reach around 1% of their group unless the business ‘boosts’ the post (pays for it to reach more people).

Instagram does not currently operate this method however. Since being acquired by Facebook in 2014, Instagram  has already introduced targeted advertising and Why Media is expecting a Facebook style system to appear in the near future.