How Design can influence our vote in the EU Referendum


Posted on Jun 22, 2016

As we all know, the 2016 EU referendum is fast approaching and there has been a lot of controversy behind some campaigns designed to encourage us to vote.

It goes without saying that design can have a heavy influence or impact on the way we think and the decisions we make as a community, town and country.

The following campaigns are a good example of how the EU referendum has now become design-led.


Campaign 1


Venturethree has created a campaign specifically aimed at the younger generation to encourage them to vote to stay in the EU.

Venturethree has taken on an approach that in their perspective, mimics or represents the language or culture of the younger voters.

Design Week explains:

“Venturethree has taken an informal approach to language by dropping the “g” from “Voting” and added a hashtag in an attempt to demystify convoluted political jargon and add a more youthful spin to it. 

#Votin has a clean colour scheme of black, white and pink, with bold typography and bright photography.”

The campaign has definitely caused strong opinions not only against the campaign but also a few supporters. While some have taken encouragingly to the campaign, noting its merits as a “positive campaign at last”, others aren’t won over by its perception of young people, with one reader describing the project as “patronising and lazy thinking”.

The Britain Stronger in Europe campaign has been backed by MPs including prime minister David Cameron.”


Campaign 2


The second campaign is by Saatchi & Saatchi with Operation Black Vote, which is aimed at the Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) communities, aiming to encourage them to register to vote. The poster depicts an elderly Asian British woman being berated by an aggressive white man, sitting opposite each other on a perfectly balanced see-saw, with the slogan “A vote is a vote"

The campaign is intended to empower the estimated 4m BAME voters to use their voice, and the photographs by Alex Telfer have been used to depict their equality. The posters will feature on digital poster sites in London and Manchester.

Such campaigns have sparked very strong opinions; however has definitely stimulated conversation for such an important topic, for people from all age groups and backgrounds. It’s very easy to see how such campaign can make you think twice, despite your original judgement.


Campaign 3

On the opposing side of the spectrum, there is the Vote Leave campaign, which depicts a red vote box icon.

Vote Deadline: 23rd June