Volvo Teasing a New Model On Snapchat is Kind of Genius


Posted on May 25, 2016

Volvo is a company that likes the challenge the status quo of the industry. In 2015, the company said it would be avoiding a number of auto shows to focus more on internet marketing. And yesterday, the company began teasing its #Millennial-focused new 40-series on Snapchat, which was a great move.

For those of you unfamiliar with Snapchat, here’s a bit of background info for you. Snapchat hit the scene in 2011, and seemingly overnight, it grew into this strangely addicting image-sharing app for millennials and ever younger.

In 2015, Snapchat was the 13th most downloaded app in the world, and today reaches 11 percent of the entire U.S. population—45% of which between the ages of 18-24. Ask your son or nephew or anyone under age 30, and chances are that person uses it regularly.

So what does this mean for Volvo? It means that it’s, arguably, the best way to reach younger consumers, which is exactly what the company wants to do with its newest addition to the North American market.

The XC40, specifically, will make up the market share of small SUVs for Volvo in the U.S under the XC60. Think BMW X1, or Mercedes GLA. Volvo hopes to cash in on the success of that already thriving market with a CUV to call its own.

Volvo hasn’t said much about the XC40 yet, but I can tell you that its going to be as millennial-focused as its marketing campaign. Smartwatch compatibility, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility—really, exactly what young consumers are looking for. My only concern would be cost, as Volvo’s do tend to get a bit pricey.

Nevertheless, the XC40 concept will be revealed in at Volvo’s Gothenburg, Sweden, headquarters on May 18th, and will ride on Volvo’s new modular platform.