Snapchat for Marketeers


Posted on Mar 01, 2016

Snapchat was the booming social media platform in 2015 and seems to be continuing its advance not only with teenagers but also the key 25+ catchment group. So what does Snapchat mean for marketers both B2B and B2C.


Why Snapchat is so engaging

Snapchat is so intriguing because it's a quick and simple way for businesses to express themselves and communicate with people in a fun and engaging way. Such as letting clients or customers know where your products are. For example, a shopping centre could post a snap to it’s story to show people what was purchased by shoppers and what was on trend or popular. Sometimes geofilters will be available to show people location, allowing businesses to target people by geography.


Why Snapchat is so influential on the new generation

Snapchat is growing as a social media network because of how popular it's becoming with influential and famous individuals. For example Kylie Jenner is very influential to young women (ages from 12 and up) because of her fashion statements and her interpretation of trends; not forgetting her family influencers. Recently Ms Jenner hit 10 Million Snapchat followers which gives her the most followed status on Snapchat.

Kylie Jenner’s snapchat is talking to people on a personal level, people are able to stay up to date on things that are going on in her life. People have the ability to know her more “personally” rather than watching a programme.



How long does your target audience spend on Snapchat a day?

We speak with Ms Amelia Hall who explains “When I wake up the first thing I check is Snapchat because I can see what my family and friends are up to. Throughout the day I check my Snapchat because it's like checking in on all your friends at one time. You also have the ability to message someone privately it's a more engaging way of texting someone. I spend a lot of time checking it!!”


How do you feel about ads popping up on Snapchat?

Amelia explains “Ads on Snapchat only pop up on popular discovery sections such as Cosmopolitan and Buzzfeed and you don't have to watch them, but I admit I do!”


Pros of snapchat

Snapchat have strong live stories which means anyone can post a “Snap” when they are in the specific area or event.  For example, if you were at the Oscars you have the option to add your Snap to the a live feed, which is available for everyone to watch.


Another strong feature of Snapchat is that stories are only available to watch for 24 hours this means that content is constantly relevant. Compared to Facebook when a shared post is quite often a day or three old!


Dangers of Snapchat

Because Snapchat is a picture based social media platform it's open to a lot of revealing images. Because of this many people are falling victim to sexting, this is a big issue for the company. Snapchat could improve their app by making changes so images couldn't be leaked and shared. It is a person's choice to share such images but there has to be something in place to protect people.