The wait is over! Instagram finally lets you switch between accounts


Posted on Feb 10, 2016

It is the day we have been waiting for here at the Why Media office, Instagram will let members connect multiple accounts. Anyone with more than one Instagram account will be cheering as switching between accounts will now be by a simple touch of a button instead of logging in and out.

For the first time the latest update on Instagram will let it’s members bring multiple accounts together in one place. This will be available for all 300 million users across both iOS and Andriod services on the new 7.15 version.

The process is simple, add new accounts from the settings menu and simply tap your username at the top of your profile page to move between them. You will know which account you are using by the prominent profile picture that will be displayed. With the increase of businesses of Instagram it was an undeniable update that will make it a lot easier for people to upload content.

Isabella Marco Account Manager at Why Media comments on the new update, “This is great news for marketers and content creators alike, this is the update we have been waiting for. It’s great to see that Instagram is really listening to it’s users. Posting content is now made a lot easier and is much less time consuming. Currently you can have as many as 5 accounts logged in at once, I am looking forward to the following update where I hope to see an increase in this”.

Why media creates content for many Instagram accounts and will definitely be taking advantage of the new update.