Life as a New Recruit at Why Media


Posted on Jun 05, 2015

Back in May, Victoria Sheikh, a Colombian born journalist, joined Why Media as as part of the Marketing team in order to enhance her digital marketing skills and become a core member  to our face growing agency. The below news story represent life as a new recruit at Why Media in the words of Victoria.

New and exciting! That is exactly how my role at Why Media is. The job-hunting process was a demanding adventure, it required dedication and constant searching; most of all  because I wanted to shape my journalism career into the marketing field.

CVs back and forth, emails, phone calls and interviews were part of my daily itinerary. I exhausted every channel and social networking service available (LinkedIn, Twitter, online agencies etc) leaving me hopeless at times as well as being spoilt for choice at others.

Converging in a Digital Era does not mean that opportunities are more accessible. In fact this transformational period challenges competition making applicants exceed recruiters’ expectations by creating excellent CVs and original cover letters.

The chance of getting your CV seen online is less likely now than how it used to be when you would drop your CV at the company’s door-step. Recruiters tend to be practical by finding matches in your CV with the job’s description given the massive volume of applications.

I considered the time that finding a job would take, therefore I spent hours browsing until I saw a real opportunity on Why Media’s website. The offer immediately caught my interest as a result of the agency’s reputation, core and career development. I went ahead, clicked, applied and “ring!” My phone buzzed within the next 10 minutes.

It happened that the role spec was exactly what I was looking for and my skills were what Why Media were after. I was invited for an initial interview which I prepared myself for to make sure would not miss this chance.

The next stage was a second interview followed by a definite answer almost straight away. Other than Why Media being a successful, fast growing digital marketing agency; it is also appealing because of the supportive and driven team and progression opportunities available.

Since my first day I have felt at home and waking up every morning has been an easy task. I always bring a proactive, creative and bubbly attitude as my colleagues do too. Working under that mindset reflects excellent results which are well perceived by our clients and pushes us and keeps us striving for the best.

During my first month I have already learnt a wide array of digital marketing skills from enhancing social media profiles on platforms like Facebook to creating detailed analytical reports, all tasks which compliment my previous experience and skills within journalism and over the coming months I look forward to developing client relationships and helping to deliver award winning projects and campaigns.