Why Media Teams Up With LMRT Design To Create New Website For Larkfleet Renewables


Posted on Nov 19, 2014

Back in the summer, Why Media teamed up with Lincolnshire based agency LMRT Design to create a new responsive website for renewable energy specialist Larkfleet Renewables

Located in Bourne, Lincolnshire, Larkfleet Renewables specialise in renewable energy heating systems for residential properties and offer expert advice on government grants and schemes to ensure your home is correctly heated and eco-friendly. 

As part of the Larkfleet Group, owned by local entrepreneur Karl Hick, Larkfleet Renewables was seeking the development of a clean and coherent  website, consistent with that of the Larkfleet Group website.

Rowen Squibb, Marketing Director for Why Media explains; “We have been working with the Larkfleet Group for over seven years and it was a pleasure to be appointed to develop the new website. We team up with LMRT Design, who have also been working with Helen Jones and the team for many years, to design a clean and informative website that would work easily on all Internet enabled devices. We have been very pleased with the outcome, the design not only looks consistent with the rest of the Larkfleet Group, it is also very easy to navigate and works perfectly when using a mobile or tablet.

To learn more about Larkfleet Renewables you can follow the Larkfleet Group on Facebook andTwitter.