Udozi Version 1.5 for iPhone Goes Live


Posted on Jul 15, 2012

August 2012 saw the release of Udozi’s new iPhone App. After the initial release of version 1.0 in February 2012, After taking into consideration user feedback and business aspirations, Why Media were commissioned to update the design of the iPhone App on behalf of Udozi. Throughout this project, one of the key objectives was to ensure the application was easy to navigate and offered a user friendly experience. One of the key differences on Version 1.5 is the ability to view images of the searched items within the initial listings page.

Jade Cummings, a Graphic Designer on the Udozi project went on to say; “With the increasing popularity of mobile applications Why Media’s Graphic Design team have had to adapt their skills to cater for the smaller screen size and limited space available to work with. Udozi was no exception, and we had to work incredibly hard to ensure the search results not only provided all the details users would expect but remained clear and friendly to the eye, we ensured we followed the guidelines set out by Apple, Android, Samsung etc”

Overall, the new app offers users three key design improvements; The ability to view images in the search results, a full description of the items and the introduction of ‘nearby’, version 1.5 also offers over 25 additional features for users to enjoy.

Download version 1.5 now

Why Media continue to work closely with Udozi and are currently in the process of designing a brand new website as well as managing their key online marketing campaign.