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Why Media’s Award-Winning Marketing Team Shares the Latest Updates Launched by all Social Media Channels…

   NEWS / 21 Apr 2022

Published: 21 April 2022
Location: London, UK

Social media is constantly growing and adapting throughout the years which can be challenging for marketers to keep up with the latest updates and technical developments. Every social media channel is completely different and they offer their users unique features which are always looking to be improved. It's crucial to be ahead of the game and know updates as soon as they come out so time is allowed to grow your knowledge of the changes and start integrating them within a strategy. 

Why Media’s marketing team share their knowledge and understanding of current trends and updates. 


Instagram was launched in October 2010 with over a million users registered within 2 months, and now has over 1 billion users actively using the platform. Instagram has recently brought back an update that was removed before; switching to a chronological feed. This allows users to have the ability to order their feed however they would like, avoiding suggested posts and older posts. Users can now select if they would like to view their following feed in chronological order or by their favourite accounts which can be self-selected. Not into this feature? No problem; no options have to be selected which means your feed will stay the same as before.

Another Instagram update that was launched on the 29th of March 2022 now allows users to see other hashtags that other accounts are following, which is very helpful for marketers as it will confirm which hashtags are trending and being searched for. Marketers will now be able to confirm which hashtags work well rather than just what's trending. Using the hashtags other accounts are following, opened up the opportunity to able able to get onto the feeds of other accounts that aren't following you.

Why Media are always up to date with the latest trends to integrate into all social media strategies
Why Media are always up to date with the latest trends to integrate into all social media strategies


TikTok a social media app that's skyrocketed since its launch in 2016, has recently come out with its best new feature yet. This feature allows you to post daily stories which will help you reach a larger audience. Posting stories daily means that your account will be active more often and give you a better opportunity to engage with others and grow your followers. 


Rumours are always speculating on the next update that will be coming out. The latest development that for certain Instagram and Facebook are working on is global translations. 

As we are all aware that currently if a post is in another language you’re able to translate it to your language, however, this is not including stories. Instagram and Facebook are currently working on being able to offer this for stories with text too, which is a massive benefit for businesses to reach out globally with their content. It's expected most social media platforms will follow.

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