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Why Media Shows Support for Ukraine with Sponsorship of Tough Mudder

   NEWS / 29 Mar 2022

Published: 29 March 2022
Location: London, UK

For those of you who have been following Why Media for some time, you will know that the agency has strong ties with Ukraine and worked with a highly talented team of software developers on several projects - many of whom are now fighting on the frontline in order to protect their land, family and country. 

After weeks of feeling helpless, Why Media is delighted to announce that they are getting behind Aimee Squibb, daughter of Why Media’s Director, Rowen Squibb, as she takes on the challenging Tough Mudder event on Sunday 3rd April, all proceed of which are going to DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. 

Taking place in Finsbury Park on Sunday 3rd April, Aimee will battle a 12-mile obstacle course that tests endurance and plays on human fears such as water, heights and mud! In addition, Aimee will be tested on her fitness, teamwork and ability to overcome fears in order to complete the course and donate funds to this excellent cause. 

What the money is used for.

Every £10 raised, provides essential hygiene supplies for one person for a month

Every £50 raised, provides blankets for four families 

Every £100 raised, provides emergency food for two families for a month 

All donations collected will go towards Ukrainian women and children who have fled to neighbouring countries such as Poland and Estonia.  Donations will go towards immediate needs including water, food, shelter and medical assistance including trauma support. 

Aimee has currently raised a staggering £1,100 thanks to the generosity of friends, family and colleagues. Why Media is also sponsoring the event to help raise awareness of this fantastic and much-needed cause. 

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Aimee has put in a month of training for her upcoming Tough Mudder challenge.

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