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Marketing Trends to Grow Your Business in 2022!

   NEWS / 11 Jan 2022

Published: 11 January 2022
Location: London, UK

As Why Media kickstarts 2022 we felt that, as leading marketers in London, it may be useful to remind ourselves of the current official definition of what Marketing is: Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements for profitability’ (The Chartered Institute of Marketing). The UK’s Marketing industry is constantly growing, adapting, and becoming more technical and marketers are having to constantly evolve and innovate to keep up with the latest developments.

A.I will play a part in Marketing digital evolution and London will be an early adopter of these changes.

If there's one thing that COVID-19 has taught us is that it's essential for companies to be progressive with their marketing and especially online, either through having an intelligent SEO focused website and a coherent social media strategy that is integrated not only with Instagram and Facebook, but also WhatsApp Business an integral communication platform that benefits both individuals and businesses in their quest to enhance communication. 

Whatsapp for Business is going to be important for Marketing teams going into 2022 and beyond.

In the last couple of years, influencers have dramatically increased their power in the marketing world, this is another great opportunity! Although influencers have been used for many years, especially with clothing and cosmetic brands to promote items to their followers, we have now seen them used far more widely, all businesses should consider this opportunity.  

Our industry is constantly adapting with new social media apps for influencers to use, for example, Tik Tok currently has over 1 billion users. Influencers are using their platforms on these, and all social media apps to promote brands in partnerships and build up their following at the same time. 

Tik Tok offers something for B2C Marketers and is highly engaging with certain demographic types. 

In 2021 we started to see live-streaming on social media platforms, particularly on Instagram and we have seen other social media apps start offering this service too. In 2022 it’s estimated we will see huge growth in not only influencer streaming but also events being live-streamed too.  Live- streaming has proven to be popular as it's a good way of getting a greater sense of reality, for example through influencers streaming their audience to feel better connected and demonstrate that they believe what they’re promoting or selling more effectively than from posts. 

As all marketers know, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) has become very important for companies to climb the search page rankings on Google. Coming into 2022 it is expected marketers will have to now consider not only what keywords are being searched on Google but also visually how people express their enquiry by telephone. This is a significant game-changer for particular SEO marketers to master the keywords of voice and what language will be used when asking questions. 

Google Search Engine Optimisation is MASSIVE and will remain a focus in 2022 and beyond, as Google delivers a raft of A.I options.

Claire White, Marketing Director at Why Media voiced her opinions on the ever-changing world of marketing. “Economically, it may have been a rocky road over the past two years but the power of marketing, brand building, and evolution has never been more on trend. Our clients are incredibly keen to showcase return on investment when it comes to marketing but we have seen a real shift in the ways in which they engage and interact with their customer-base. Marketing never sits still and is always evolving to reach more people, deliver more statistics and continue to be at the forefront of every individual. 

Our marketing professionals in the UK, Spain and Italy pride themselves on their ability to keep up with trends, adapt their thinking process and introduce businesses to new ways of communication. For Why Media’s client base, which predominantly sit in the property, retail and services industries, enhancing communications tools for internal and external use is a priority and naturally falls in with the benefits of WhatsApp Business. They are also looking for dynamic initiatives and ways of delivering their goals outside of what their competitors are doing - that’s why they work with Why Media.” 


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