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Why Media's Technical Projects Lead for the UK & Europe, Carl Piper. Background & Bio.

   NEWS / 07 Jan 2022

Published: 07 January 2022
Location: London, UK

Carl Piper joined our team back in 2018 as a web developer. He quickly began growing and creating technical solutions for some of the countries leading brands. Following these successes, he was promoted in early 2020 to Technical Projects Lead for the UK & European divisions of Why Media.

Carl Piper
Carl Piper in the Why Media London office, located on the iconic Hanover Square.

In January of 2020 and following his recent promotion, Carl flew over to open the Why Media Spain Office and begin the digital transformation of La Marina Shopping Centre. This was a complete overhaul of the digital and in centre technology. 

First, Carl and his team built out an industry-leading website; which now receives upwards of 20,000 unique visitors per month, each visiting many pages on the website. The newly built, completely bespoke website, allows the Centre to win the highly competitive SEO war in the Alicante area, ranking on the first page for over 200 high-conviction search terms.

CC La Marina Homepage
La Marina Shopping Centre website homepage.

Carl then identified a supplier and orchestrated the installation of a custom Wi-Fi network, covering the entirety of the shopping centre and retail park. This included the installation of multiple server racks and laying fibre cables. This is a huge achievement for Carl, aged just 20 at the time, working in an international environment with a language barrier.

Finally, Carl and the team created bespoke wayfinding kiosks and software to go with them. The software we developed integrates with the newly built website and allows for instant updates and multi-lingual support. In total there are 7 wayfinding kiosks throughout the centre each including an interactive map with store directories (live routes to each store), store promotions, a live Instagram feed, data capture forms and key centre information. With La Marina Shopping Centre being such a big centre the wayfinding kiosks provide great value to the tenants and customers alike. They are interacted with over 1,000,000 times per month.

Industry-leading shopping centre wayfinding solutions, provided by Why Media
Industry-leading shopping centre wayfinding solutions, provided by Why Media.

With the above Technical progress, along with the rebranding of the Centre and the award-winning marketing, La Marina Shopping Centre has turned around from a distressed asset to the hub of the community and near full occupancy during COVID times. A massive achievement.

After this success, Carl returns to the UK where he gets the team right to work building out a bespoke website and software for Anthony Martin Estate Agents. This website, along with the rebranding and creative marketing campaigns, cemented Anthony Martin Estate Agents spot on the first page of Google of many terms and allowed their enquiries to increase tenfold.

The year of 2020 saw the Technical Team lead by Carl build out a plethora of other SEO-winning and creative websites including UKBC (UK Boiler Care) with its stunning design and smooth enquiry funnels, Charles Rich Architects, Anchor Hanover the Hamptons just to name a few.

UKBC website homepage
UKBC (UK Boiler Care) website homepage.

2021, a year of high uncertainty but cautious optimism, Saw Carl Piper begin work on Alon Zakaim Fine Art. This site is a stunning example of what one of London’s most renowned Art Galleries website’s should look like. The site is packed full of features allowing visitors to find artwork and experience virtual exhibitions (Sound familiar? Read our article on the Metaverse).

Alon Zakaim Gallery
A look inside Alon Zakaim Fine Art. Recently relocated to 27 Cork St. London W1.

Carl then packed up his bags and headed to Brescia, Italy to open the Why Media Italy office. As we expanded into various European countries Carl was able to overcome many obstacles and adapt to the foreign business environment in which he was able to thrive. 

Whilst in Italy Carl and his team have delivered impressive results including Centro Commerciale Portici Forlì, Centro Commerciale Freccia Rossa and 180 Brompton Road

Carl’s client Blue Whale Capital hit a massive milestone towards the end of 2021, reaching a fund size of over £1bn. Carl and his team have worked tirelessly to ensure the website performs and have set up many automations to free up valuable time for the Blue Whale team. The site underwent a complete redesign in early 2021.

As Carl, still based in Italy, is working hard to grow the Italian arm of Why Media; we are excited to find out what’s next for him.

Carl Piper, Santiago Ramirez, Anxela Barros Dominguez and Riccardo Vota opening the Why Media Italy office.
Carl Piper, Santiago Ramirez, Anxela Barros Dominguez and Riccardo Vota opening the Why Media Italy office.

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