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Marketing & The Metaverse. How will Web3 change the digital, design and marketing landscape?

   NEWS / 06 Jan 2022

Published: 06 January 2022
Location: London, UK

Into the Metaverse we go, well according to Mark Zuckerberg Chief Executive Officer of Facebook and Carl Piper Technical Projects Lead, UK & Europe at Why Media.

Why Media sees Marketing & The Metaverse becoming a focus in 2022. Lessons to be learnt from Second Life
Why Media sees Marketing & The Metaverse becoming a focus in 2022. Lessons to be learnt from Second Life.

Consumer trends and brand opportunities are emerging as the metaverse sees a raft of heavy investment from tech big hitters and international brands. 

At Why Media we are reviewing a step into a 24/7 environment that will allow clients to seek advice and consultation through A.I with more complex matters being dealt with by the associated department. 

Carl Piper who is leading the investment at Why Media explains “As more of our time is spent online, it’s becoming more challenging to distinguish ‘real’ life from a life lived digitally. “The smartphone or tablet and even the television are no longer just a device that we use,” says Carl, “It is fast becoming the environment in which we live our lives and emotions".

The reason Why Media is looking at R&D time on the metaverse is simple: mental health and stress is a real thing in 2022 and the upside to the metaverse is a possible enhancement of communications. 

Improved communications with your bank, telecoms supplier or even marketing agency can make life better. 

Other opportunities include exploring interests and passions in digital worlds: from dating to car purchases, using our avatars to wear. We will have a chance to construct virtual showhomes (something Why Media’s London Team have already completed) to meet old and new friends at the virtual Shopping Centre. 

Why Media expects behaviour and routines to evolve, although we need to keep a BIG eye on the traditional advertising/mediums. Did we go here with Secondlife? Possibly, but we had the electric milk van and Tesla seems to be a success. All businesses have the opportunity to grow into this creative economy.

Meta believes the Metaverse “Will be social” and offer opportunities to learn, collaborate and socialise
Meta believes the Metaverse “Will be social” and offer opportunities to learn, collaborate and socialise.

Wunderman Thompson Data's most recent trend report, Into the Metaverse, covers the defining elements of the metaverse, case studies, and implications for brand and business. 

The report reveals:

  • 93% of global consumers agree that technology is our future
  • 76% say their everyday lives and activities depend on technology
  • 81% think that a brand’s digital presence is as important as its in-store presence

New retail frontiers with Metaverse

Digital-twin stores and augmented shopping experiences are paving the way for the next retail frontier – one that is intuitive, immersive and engaging.

Virtual possessions

Consumers are replicating their physical daily habits in the virtual realm, assigning ever-increasing value to digital assets and giving rise to new direct-to-avatar (D2A) business models.

Liminal spaces

Liminal spaces – blended virtual and physical experiences – are already revolutionising the culture and art scenes. In future, expect to see similarly blurred reality activations in retail spaces, brand hubs and business centres.


Bigger than the movie and music industries combined, gaming has become a playground for brands and marketers to connect with an engaged audience.

Meta societies

A digital reality that reflects the values and standards of our physical lives in the making. 

For more insights and analysis download Wunderman Thompson's Into the Metaverse

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