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Devine Group experiences an exceptional Summer of Growth

   NEWS / 06 Sep 2021

Published: 06 September 2021
Location: Surrey, UK

Devine Group is pleased to offer an update for summer 2021 that shows the UK’s construction sector continues to flourish.

Devine Group Delivering Works At Chichester In Conjunction With Vistry Group (Bovis Homes)

Devine Group has been working with a number of leading developers to help plug the housing gap, currently, the shortage of homes across the country is estimated at 880,000. 

Low-interest rates and this shortage of housing will ensure Devine Group is able to facilitate quality developers in their aspiration to help fulfill these requirements, whilst delivering infrastructure and communities that work for all. Devine Group’s role is to focus on the sustainable aspect whilst ensuring the quality of the construction works completed. 

Nigel Jordan Managing Director at J Devine Group went onto say “Despite various challenges that have been thrown up by Brexit and Covid-19 I am pleased to report that the business is trading well and our reputation as a construction talent is allowing us to retain the talent we have in the business and identify new teams, members and partners, as part of our business plan. We will shortly have announcements in relation to the investments we have made in machinery as we look to take the business forward over the next 5 years”. 

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Source: Devine Group

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