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Environmentally Friendly Websites are the Future of the Website Development

   NEWS / 19 Apr 2021

Published: 19 April 2021

According to the online Carbon Calculator, the average website produces 17.6g of carbon dioxide for every page. That means that the website with about 100,000 views per month produces 2,112kg of CO2 every year. The algorithm is pretty simple. The more complex website is, the more energy it requires to upload the data and, as a result, the bigger its impact on the environment.

Climate-friendly websites are still very much in the minority. We all have to take actions to create a sustainable future. These actions can start with switching your website to the hosting company, whose operations are powered by renewable energy. In addition,  reducing the number of images on the page can have a positive impact on the number of carbon emissions.  In the meantime, the right format of the image can help reduce its size. 

Digital Marketing Agencies, like Why Media, always have environmental concerns in front of mind. Carl Piper, Senior Web Developer at Why Media comments: ‘’With the concerns about the potential impact of websites on the environment rapidly growing, our website development team keeps on track with carbon minimisation principles when building the websites for our clients. As we all are aware that the world is close to the state of climate emergency, it is important to make efforts and play a significant role in creating a sustainable future, particularly online services and internet’’.

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