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Gary Stokes who appeared in the popular Netflix Original Film “Seaspiracy” gets behind Why Media and…

   NEWS / 01 Apr 2021

Published: 01 April 2021
Location: Alicante, Spain

Why Media, Resolute Asset Management and La Marina Shopping Centre are pleased to acknowledge their partnership with Conciencia Clean Waters through sponsorship, technology and volunteering activity. 

Conciencia Clean Waters is a not-for-profit organisation that is playing its part in creating cleaner greener seas and environment, a matter that all businesses and especially Why Media, Resolute Asset Management and La Marina Shopping Centre are passionate about. 

Following a number of initiatives delivered by all three businesses to support Conciencia Clean Waters, we were pleased to receive contact and an endorsement from Mr Gary Stokes from Ocean Conservationist /Founder of OceansAsia who recently appeared in Netflix Original Film Seaspiracy Mr Stokes went onto say “It is so encouraging to see businesses like Why Media, Resolute Asset Management and La Marina working together to do their bit for the beaches seas and ultimately wildlife, Conciencia Clean Waters is a fantastic organisation and we must protect what we have!"

Seaspiracy is a hugely successful film documentary that currently sits top of the charts on Netflix and is about the environmental impact of fishing and plastics in the sea. The film is directed by and stars Ali Tabrizi, a British filmmaker.

Volunteers from all three businesses and their families have been out to help, playing an active role in delivering the change our environment demands, by supporting Conciencia Clean Waters we can show that we care and that consideration for our planet is important.

Volunteers including Gerry Martin from Resolute Asset Management and Santiago Ramirez from Why Media. Photo: Jairo Ortega @jaishoots

Conciencia Clean Waters works hard to repair our natural environment by removing waste and taking a community-based role in delivering cleaning natural spaces. 

Manuel Gonzalez, founder of Conciencia Clean Waters comments “Our beaches and natural areas are the oxygen of our cities and this is an inescapable responsibility. Our partnership with La Marina Shopping Centre and Why Media has been one of the most important initiatives since we started our activity, as it confirms that this is something necessary for our society and also opens many doors for our organization's development, we could not be more grateful for their help"

Daniel Smith, a Partner and Head of Asset Management at Resolute Asset Management explained “As a business, we are more than aware that our planet needs care and consideration, everyone at Resolute Asset Management is really pleased that we have been able to support this fantastic initiative through our management of La Marina Shopping Centre. We will continue to work with Conciencia Clean Waters with a number of team members and their families taking part in collections of waste.  It has been especially nice to be recognised for our role by Gary Stokes from the popular Netflix film Seaspiracy, which is playing its part in bringing attention to our seas and focus that is needed to clean up our beaches and the natural world - well done to all involved”.

Rowen Squibb Group CEO of Why Media expressed how pleased he is that the business has been involved in supporting Conciencia Clean Waters and will continue to get behind Mr Gonzalez's efforts to clean up our environment and show care for the world we all live in. 

Volunteers wearing La Marina Shopping Centre T-Shirts Provided to Volunteers Photo: Jairo Ortega @jaishoots


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