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UK High Streets Brace For Change Not Retirement

   NEWS / 17 Feb 2021

Published: 17 February 2021

You only have to pick up a newspaper to read a negative headline about the state of the UK high streets, however, as several businesses who were already struggling to keep up with changes in spending habits and demand close the doors for the final time, thousands of budding entrepreneurs and individuals are making their ideas and visions into reality as a new breed of high street emerges. 

Claire White, Marketing Director at Why Media comments: “UK high streets have always been a talking point for national press however, they continuously focus on the doom and gloom rather than the prosperity and innovation. The global pandemic has been challenging for everybody but, as unemployment rises, so does the number of people taking the plunge to make their idea into a reality. 

High streets have been criticised for years due to their generic offer as part of a “template UK status”. Gone are the good old day when you could buy anything and everything from your local high street by visiting the butcher, baker, locksmith and tailor, rather than the supermarket. But now, I believe we are about to see the return of individuality. In recent weeks I have seen half a dozen retail units being fitted out for new local businesses. These include new coffee shops, eco-friendly refill bars and unique craft shops. 

Yes, the high street as we once knew it five years ago may be gone but the high street will remain for centuries to come as long as businesses continue to evolve and entrepreneurs continue to take a chance and open up new initiatives.

I have been working with high streets and Shopping Centres since 2009 and over these years I have seen a large shift in how they are used. These days units are being taken more and more by boutique coffee shops, sustainable services and restaurants - this isn’t a negative, it’s an evolution to fit in with what consumers are looking for. Shopping Centres are also beginning to rethink how their space is used, evolving to provide more experiences rather than retail alongside leisure services such as cinemas, trampoline parks and mini-golf, all of which enhance dwell time and provide a wider visitor experience to cater for all.”

Why Media are specialists in providing brand management and marketing services, both digital and traditional methods, for Shopping Centres and High Streets across the UK and Europe and have an enviable reputation for delivering results and footfall no matter the economic climate. 

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