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The Covid pandemic has dramatically highlighted the extent to which businesses are at the mercy of government…

   NEWS / 07 Jan 2021

Published: 07 January 2021

The Covid pandemic has dramatically highlighted the extent to which businesses are at the mercy of government policy. Post-Brexit, much more will change, so now is the time to get your voice heard, says our founder Stewart Jackson.

Our company’s USP and therefore our new registered trademark, is Brexpertise. ® Not Brexit again I hear you cry? But hold on….

It’s no longer about the battle between Leave and Remain or the culture wars which have raged since the 2016 EU Referendum. Now it’s about the prospectus that allows business to navigate the post Brexit transition commercial landscape with confidence, and armed with political intelligence and data-driven risk analyses which allow the attainment of key strategic objectives and competitive advantage. It’s about “seeing around corners” in the post-Covid era too – spotting the opportunities and the pitfalls as we go in 2021. The digital economy, tax policies and the March Budget, new social care proposals, sustainable energy, defence, intelligence and security, the housing crisis, “Levelling Up,” boosting skills, infrastructure, trade preferences and remedies and government contracts and procurement, are just a few big items which will impact business. This is the landscape political insight walks you though.

As the bruising battle over how we leave the EU fades away, I sense that there will not be a better time for a rapprochement between the Conservative Government and business and its representative groups and a common belief in making the best of our new dispensation. We’re the world’s fifth biggest economy, a noted soft power with significant military heft, still agile and dynamic, stable, rules-based, liberal and a world leader in key sectors like higher education, research, fintech, specialised manufacturing, creative industries and legal and financial services.

Many of our clients are good at what they do, passionate about their services or products, have a fantastic knowledge of their markets and competitors and are good at promoting their wares by way of social media and traditional marketing methods. However, they are often perplexed or mystified by the wider business and government relations terrain: how are decisions made, and by whom, and on what basis, and how does this fit into Government’s wider plans and policy proposals? Many are frustrated that their voice and viewpoint goes seemingly unheard when civil servants and Ministers are consulting and engaging with stakeholders on new regulations, policies, legislation and directives.

Yes, you can change your products, amend your pricing, fire your Board or sack your suppliers or bank or accountants but political intelligence means mapping the terrain, basing your decisions on real time risk analysis and data and knowing how and why the market is changing and influencing that change. You can’t do it on your own!

Now we’ve left the European Union, Westminster and Whitehall and the devolved administrations will assume much more power and influence. As they will be regulating many UK domestic markets and relationships with trading nations across the world, it’s vital that business has the self confidence and foresight to make its opinion known with key influencers, opinion formers and decision makers. There’s no hiding place for Government; it will need to consult more and it will be fully accountable for its record of delivery.

The challenge for the most competitive and successful businesses will be how they engage with government not whether they do. With the right help, guidance, advice, counsel and advocacy, businesses can very much “make the weather” and be part of the UK’s growth and success.

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Wishing you a happy (and prosperous) New Year.

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