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   NEWS / 03 Dec 2020

Published: 03 December 2020

"This year's lights are the best I have seen in 20 years at the Centre!"

Mon Joc (Ismael Rey)

The stars are shining brighter at La Marina Shopping Centre and Retail Park this Christmas as they bring festive spirit with the launch of their 2020 Christmas lights and decorations.

The Shopping Centre felt it was particularly important to bring a smile to the faces of its customers after such an unusual year, with hopes that the creation of a festive atmosphere throughout, would inspire these feelings of cheer and wellbeing for its shoppers. La Marina designed and installed elegant and simple yet sophisticated lighting and decorations, to complement the rest of the Centre.

La Marina Shopping Centre and Retail Park wants to involve the retailers and visitors and general public of the Finestrat area in Christmas festivities throughout the month of December. 


Amie Slattery, Regional Marketing Manager at La Marina  and responsible for their light design and install, from Why Media explains:

“We are really pleased with how the Christmas decorations have turned out at both the La Marina Shopping Centre and Retail Park. We know this year has had some challenges for all of us, we hope that visitors who join us to shop under the Christmas lights will feel a more positive end to 2020.” 


La Marina also hopes to attract more visitors to the Shopping Centre and Retail Park through various other Christmas initiatives such as an online advent calendar involving their retailers, as well as Christmas competitions aimed at the children visiting the centre. 

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