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Walton-on-Thames receives full signage suite update, including design and production

   NEWS / 01 Oct 2020

Published: 01 October 2020

At Why Media we pride ourselves on quality Shopping Centre signage installation. The Heart Walton-on-Thames is pleased to announce that a full signage update has been implemented at the Shopping Centre.
It has never been more important to add the feel-good factor to Walton-on-Thames and Why Media are pleased to have delivered this updated branding for the centre.  

Why update the signage? Facebook, Google and Microsoft share prices have recently reached the highest level to date, while Tesco is actively investing in technologies, online growth and development of its online platforms. So what does it all mean? In the simplest terms, smart successful businesses are evolving to the new normal. It has never been more important to have your online and offline strategies in order, with a massive shift towards digital.

Getting your brand repositioned for the new world is a significant element of these strategies. In order to make it easier for a brand to represent its values, image and what exactly the particular brand offers, it is necessary to maintain a similar tone of voice for online and offline strategies. 

 Therefore, one of the greatest examples of successful integration of online and offline strategies is the design of new signage at The Heart Shopping Centre Walton-on-Thames. The main objective of this rebranding strategy was to create a more welcoming image, friendly environment, increase footfall and attract more retailers to take vacant units.  The new signage has been introduced throughout the Centre, including car parks and outdoor branding.

 Angelina Patterson from Why Media’s Marketing Team comments: ‘’I am super impressed with the new branding and signage! The final result has definitely exceeded my expectations. Thank you to team at The Heart, who helped us work on project objectives quickly and delivered such a  great suite of environmental designs!’’




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