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Are you Utilising Social Media Intelligence Post-COVID?

   NEWS / 04 Sep 2020

Published: 04 September 2020



Social media intelligence provides solutions to our clients and initiates fast and clear conversations to allow opportunities for meaningful trends and enhanced sustainable competitive advantage. 

Why Media analyses up to 10 years' worth of social content and finds solutions to each of their clients. Whether it is revamping and freshening a social media channel or completely redesigning a brand, Why Media ensures that social media content is clear, engaging, and fully tailored to the client’s audience. It is important to heavily integrate Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube to provide a consistent message.

Claire White, Marketing Director at Why Media explains, “Evoking emotion and empathy through social media is a key tool for marketers as we gain a vast range of data and personalisation. The ongoing pandemic has enabled us to rapidly change our design thinking and embrace the unpredictable changes of COVID-19 and redesign incredible brands such as Charles Rich Consultancy. ”

Social media monitoring tools help us to track brand mentions and our client’s competitors – as well as customer sentiment and trends dominating the market. This also allows us to influence how a brand communicates to its audience. 

Whilst implementing social media intelligence is important post-COVID,  it is also essential to realise that each brand is different, whether it’s the volume and type of user-generated content, the industry in which they work, or the insights required. 

Ravneet Binning, Junior Marketing Manager at Why Media went on to say, “Now, more than ever, it is crucial to listen to each of our clients and more importantly their customer’s online voices to boost our client’s social media presence and reinforce the core values of their brand. Yet, we consider that all of our clients are different, they are also similar in the sense of expressing the human element and involving the community goes beyond just advertising .”

Why Media identifies that social media intelligence creates solid wins by three imperative ways to improve digital marketing. This comes to authenticity, frequency, interactivity with the audience.

Social Media has dynamically evolved over the years and has shifted from sharing to be heard to sharing with a purpose.  

Inevitably, we believe that to sustain a competitive advantage, it is about continuing to improve your brand reputation and engaging with your audience to encourage positive word of mouth. This will help to change the narrative of how brands are perceived online.

Why Media sets the bar for high-quality marketing by absorbing the insights we learn, which allows us to drive an organisation’s strategy. If you are looking to improve your social media channels to optimise engagement and online presence, get in touch with our team who will be more than happy to help and provide you with great expertise.


Why Media is an award-winning design, marketing, digital communications and PR agency offering tailored solutions to companies on a global scale. We have extensive experience in delivering design and marketing services to a spectrum of companies including professional services, property companies, financial institutions and shopping centres. We have offices in London UK, Hertford UK, Finestrat ES & Brescia IT.

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