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2020 Trends for TYPOGRAPHY

   NEWS / 20 Jan 2020

Published: 20 January 2020

While some designers are embracing technology to innovate fonts, others are mining the past to resurrect and reframe trends for the modern world.

We have had a look at the most exciting typography trends of 2020.




Humanising typefaces - serifs 

San serifs are often selected because they have been considered to be ‘modern’, as such many brands have been using these high contrast and bold serifs in their logos and website copy. On the other hand Serifs are great for storytelling. They give a  nostalgic feeling because they connect us to an earlier time before the world was so digital. These associations have a deeply humanizing effect for brands that use them.



Rounding typefaces - San serifs

The 2020 trend for sans serif points to clean and round, visible in brands such as Google and Spotify. There’s a risk of the type to seem childish when reading but projects simplicity and straightforwardness. Often paired with bold and playful colours, producing a feeling of positivity and trust and are perfect for business who want to create this feeling.




Rustic typefaces

Although hand-scripted typefaces are popular, the new range of bespoke rustic typefaces are coming to 2020. Mostly popular in traditional companies, such as farms, breweries and bakeries. These handwritten script fonts have become popular and give an authentic and fresh feel.





Many type designers are experimenting using negative space. Using the minimalist approach with typefaces gives the effect of strengthening the font and also give a sense of importance to each letter, allowing it plenty of room to breathe, giving the result of an airy and bold font.



70’s and 80’s fonts

All started with the credits from a worldwide popular Netflix show ‘Stranger Things’. The retro trend is coming back to 2020. Bringing back the tight kerning that defines the decade and bringing it into the twenty-first century.


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