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   NEWS / 20 Dec 2019

Published: 20 December 2019

TikTok is a chinese owned social media video app that allows people to create short form mobile videos and gives the opportunity for creativity, knowledge and exciting moments to be presented . No video on TikTok is the same and people really use their imagination to create fantastic clips. 

TikTok is on the rise and many people are now downloading the trending app to promote their products or businesses.  Hashtags increase the views of the TikTok videos just like on other social media channels. A huge concept in TikTok is  ‘challenges’ which gives people the chance to create their own challenge that they aim to get trending in order for more likes to be received. 

TikTok allows businesses to build a user base and use organic advertising techniques to show of their products and services. There are some sophisticated editing tools on TikTok allowing for great quality videos to be created. TikTok is definitely an app to look out for in 2020 and will be seen in a large number of marketing campaigns in the new year.



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