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Allowing younger students to be more involved and inspired by Design

   NEWS / 11 Sep 2019

Published: 11 September 2019

From 2013-2014 the Design Sector grew 16.6%, which means employment and education in design became more popular and influenced. Students are given the opportunity to progress onto an Art & Design GCSE subject, alongside arts such as Music and Drama, if the school provide those as GCSE options. This then ca­­n progress onto a College or Sixth Form course and to a University Degree course, if the student in question wishes to progress.

As a child, it is important for them to feel creative and develop their creative minds with crafts and simple art knowledge. Encouraging a younger generation to feel inspired by the design industry can be established in numerous ways from learning in schools and being taught in the modern world through digital media such as Youtube and learning websites commonly encouraged by schools i.e. BBC Bitesize. Through being inspired by these forms of learning, children are able to expand their creativity and feel enjoyment out of creating and designing. Positively, when a student reaches GCSE’s, they are able to progress onto an Art & Design course which from there, they learn more in depth about artists, processes and ways of working from digital design, painting and sculpture. The beauty of studying Art & Design means students are able to work independently, discovering their skills and abilities allowing them to work in a way which suits them.

From school to college, students are given the opportunity to pick their chosen subjects. Art & Design is a brilliant course to go into for the creative students looking at going into industry. The freedom to work independently and develop their current skills means they become more prepared for the working environment and get given the fantastic opportunity to create a Portfolio which employees can view both digitally or in-hand. Putting together a folder of work comes from the student’s choice, demonstrating their work whether it be finished or unfinished. Showing processes in a students’ work gives the employer the chance to understand their way of working and their style. Positively, college gives students that opportunity to be more unique and independent preparing them for their next step in their career.


260,000 Art & Design applicants apply for University courses in the Arts, this is encouraged through their creative knowledge and influences during college and in the students’ independent time. Creative Arts courses allow the students to prepare properly for industry, giving them the opportunity to work in industry for a suitable amount of time with the possible chance of employment after. ‘Independent’ is the key word used at University where each student is given the freedom to work exposing their style and passion for their subject. This is established by creating a Final Major Project showcasing creativity and presentation to a professional standard. The best part of University is encouraging students to understand the development and professionalism in their work. More so, to help them develop as individuals.

What is it about Art and Design that influences individuals? They say your art reflects your personality, that’s very much believable. The way an Illustrator creates their illustrations, reflects their emotions and their personality.

That’s the best thing about being a creative individual. The ability to be you.

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