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Quarter 1 Design & Web Showcase

   NEWS / 15 Mar 2019

Published: 15 March 2019

With the end of quarter one in sight, we take a look at some of the projects that have kicked off our 2019. We are a team led by passion and creativity and are always looking to explore new web technologies and print techniques. This is evident in the website and design work that our team have created within just the first few months of the year.


ACAI Group Website Launch



ACAI Group is a privately owned company established by the Gabbay family, who also own 50% of the O&H Group. Why Media have worked closely with O&H for a number of years and as a result of this strong relationship, were asked to create the brand identity, consult on the brand strategy and also design and build the website for ACAI Group. O&H Group is an extremely well established brand who’s strategy reflects the history and heritage behind the company. The directors of ACAI Group wanted to create a brand that highlighted the wealth of knowledge and experience whilst at the same time, repositioning the company with a fresh, new approach.

The tailor-made website features a cinemagraph style video on the homepage, not only highlighting the company assets, but also creating impactful hero shots to engage and entice visitors. The site utilises the brands’ colour palette and the page layouts ensure that the content is clear and the site is easy to navigate.

Visit the ACAI Group Website

The Heart's Kids Club


The Heart Shopping Centre is located in the affluent Walton-on-Thames, Surrey. Offering a selection of over 50 high street and independent retailers alongside a variety of restaurants as part of the larger mix of the town. The client had a clear vision that digital media would form a large part of their marketing strategy, and one of the key elements at the centre, is The Heart’s Kids Club.



Why Media were tasked to bring eye-catching, fun designs and clear information layouts to the Kids Club creative. Introducing bolder and brighter colours, making them current and more attractive to the target audience. Along with a cleaner, modern brand identity, we feel this has been achieved with much success. Following the redesign, The Heart Kids Club has seen attendances rise, helping to drive footfall to the centre and encouraging community involvement.



To ensure that the Kids Club page on the website reflected the new creative, the web page has been reassessed and completely redesigned. The objective was to identify the key areas of the page using the analytical data, showcase past events, inform visitors about new events, make the page fun and interactive for kids and also to give parents somewhere to sign their children up for the club.

This was accomplished by using a colourful design that incorporated images from the creative, creating sections for past and current events and integrating an interactive game. We also added a gallery section which displays the albums for each event, all containing photos of the children having fun with the variety of activities that we hosted. The user can then, sign their child up for the Kids Club using the form.

Visit The Heart’s Kids Club Page




The Larkfleet Group of Companies is an award-winning house building and development company based in Bourne, Lincolnshire. Each of the companies had their own, very separate web platforms. Larkfleet Group wanted to centralise these websites under one umbrella website, from which all the other websites could sit underneath. Having evaluated and restructured the websites, we then reviewed the best setup to reduce duplicated content, ensure the best SEO structure and to create a better user experience when looking for information.

To do this the design needed to be clean, modern and easy to navigate, while maintaining the look and feel of their current sites. We achieved this by using a minimal non-scrolling homepage with striking yellow icons for the call-to-action elements and interactive animations to show and hide content dynamically.

Visit the Larkfleet.com Website

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