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‘The World Wide Web Turns 30’

   NEWS / 12 Mar 2019

Published: 12 March 2019

On the 12th March 1989 the world changed forever as the ‘World Wide Web’ was proposed by founder Sir Tim Berners-Lee. Since the launch of the world wide web it has gone on to transform the way we consume goods, take in knowledge, communicate and run businesses.

The World Wide Web came to fruition when Sir Tim continued to get frustrated with logging into different computers to gather pieces of information and therefore, created a platform which allowed him access to all information from one device.  


Interesting Fact: The World Wide Web was not the first name choice for Sir Tim’s invention. He also considered ‘Mine of Information’. ‘The Information Mine’ and ‘Information Mesh’.


Although the World Wide Web was founded in 1989 the first web page, which simply described what the World Wide Web was, didn’t go live until the 6th August 1991. This was also accompanied by the first web browser, long before Google and Internet Explorer, which was also called ‘WorldWideWeb’.


The first web page launched in 1991


These days, there are very few businesses across the world which have not been impacted by the world wide web and in 2018 over 90% of UK adults used the world wide web daily.

Claire White, Marketing Director at Why Media comments: ‘If it wasn’t for the World Wide Web Why Media wouldn’t exist as it currently stands. Although as a design and marketing agency we do not just offer digital services, we do use the Internet to communicate, research, store documentation and files and advertise the company to potential businesses. It would be a very different world without the World Wide Web, those who are under 40 couldn’t imagine.’

At aged 63, Tim Berners-Lee continues to work on new projects and is currently developing Solid, a new system which he hopes will give individuals more control over their online data and take some of it away from the big online giants including Google and Facebook.




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