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Digital Marketing: The Cost Effective Way to Reach Your Customers

   NEWS / 28 Jan 2019

Published: 28 January 2019

At a time where marketing budgets have plateaued for the first time since 2012, Why Media explains why it is more important than ever that your business is using the correct marketing channels to reach your customers and, how a tailor-made digital marketing strategy can be the most cost-effective way to do so during uncertain times.



Why Media is a design and marketing agency with a strong reputation in delivering digital design and marketing services to corporate clients throughout the UK and overseas. Since our conception in 2010, we have delivered hundreds of marketing campaigns for clients including Savills, British Airways Pension Fund, KLM Retail and O&H Properties. Although many of these campaigns encompassed both print and digital marketing mediums, we have seen a strong trend over the past five years with corporate clients wanting to focus their marketing budgets on digital due to its trackability, data opportunities and ability to be adapted at a blink of an eye.

Claire White, Marketing Director for Why Media explains: “Digital marketing channels such as Facebook, Google and YouTube offer huge opportunities for clients by giving them the ability to specifically target who they want. These days it is easy to track the behaviour of web users, gaining an understanding of where they live, what their marital status is and, what interests them. Web giants like Facebook and Google are now giving marketeers the opportunity to access this information allowing you to ensure your adverts only reach those interested and therefore, increasing conversion rates and return on investment.

It is apparent that we are in a challenging market for many industries such as the UK property sector  (a sector Why Media has been offering design and marketing services for since 2010). This means that digital marketing is even more important as it offers us the chance to quickly adapt or change an advert or content to tailor the real-time requirements of the company - something not possible with print media.”

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Why Media is an award-winning design, marketing, digital communications and PR agency offering tailored solutions to companies on a global scale. We have extensive experience in delivering design and marketing services to a spectrum of companies including professional services, property companies, financial institutions and shopping centres. We have offices in London UK, Hertford UK, Finestrat ES & Brescia IT.

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