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Why Understanding Marketing Requirements for the Property Sector in a Turbulent Economy is important!

   NEWS / 22 Jan 2019

Published: 22 January 2019


You only have to pick up a newspaper, login to Twitter or turn on the television to be bombarded by talks, debates and scaremongering about Brexit and the ‘threats’ to businesses should the United Kingdom leave the European Union with ‘No Deal’. However, at Why Media we believe that whether we leave the EU, remain in the EU, secure a deal or leave with no deal on the 29th March, all businesses will still need to put marketing at the forefront of their strategy.

One of the sectors hit hardest by the uncertainty of the UK’s Brexit deal is the property market, a sector Why Media has been supporting design and marketing services since 2010.

Claire White, Marketing Director at Why Media explains; “Why Media has always had a large proportion of property clients. From London based estate agents and surveyors to landowners, asset managers, construction companies and housebuilders throughout the UK. During nine years of supporting them with a wide range of design and marketing services, we have seen focuses change a number of times when it comes to their marketing strategy and now is no exception.

We are seeing a strong split between property companies who are nervous and keeping their heads down and those who are taking this uncertain time to be proactive and make the most of things. One trend that we are experiencing and have been for the past six months is the ability to offer flexible marketing contracts, something Why Media has always offered. These contracts set out the core objectives and key performance indicators for the marketing strategy but, offer a level of flexibility when it comes to focus. For example, our house building clients have begun to change the focus of their strategies from growing social media group numbers and driving online reviews to support SEO to ensuring there is a stronger link between social media promotion and potential house buyers visiting showhomes. Our strategies allow us to quickly adapt and refocus without requiring additional investments.”

Our research shows that regardless of your company being in the residential, commercial, retail or land sectors, companies within the property market are looking for the following from their design and marketing agency:

  • Transparency

  • Flexibility

  • Capped monthly cost

  • Statistics to back up all marketing activity

  • Insight into what their competitors are doing


As a full-service design and marketing agency working with property companies in London, Surrey, Hertfordshire, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire and Lincolnshire, we have the knowledge, insight and understanding to deliver flexible, capped cost strategies for any client type during this turbulent time.

Why Media is an award-winning design, marketing, digital communications and PR agency offering tailored solutions to companies on a global scale. We have extensive experience in delivering design and marketing services to a spectrum of companies including professional services, property companies, financial institutions and shopping centres. We have offices in London UK, Hertford UK, Finestrat ES & Brescia IT.

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