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   NEWS / 16 Jan 2019

Published: 16 January 2019


With statistics showing a shift in the recruitment paradigm towards the candidate, it is becoming increasingly more obvious that within leading industries in the UK the job market is very much candidate driven, meaning the talent picks you!

As we go into 2019 (with some uncertainty) never has it been more important more that marketers take a leaf out of their own book to ensure that they are attracting not only the upcoming generation but also a more diverse candidate that will deliver fresh-thinking and creative innovation to the current landscape.

The marketing industry is continuing to show growth, with digital taking the lead (2018 saw a record 2.5 billion social media users worldwide) it is crucial that companies are investing in new talent and that they are also able to demonstrate the potential for creative individuals to thrive within a changing environment. Aside from this, consumers across the globe are now online for 24 hours a week, a figure which reflects the change in pace from working habits to lifestyles alongside evolving consumer needs adding extra pressure to the industry.

One of the strengths of professionals within the industry is the ability to engage directly and in a distinct way to a variety of audiences. This isn’t something that should be overlooked in recruitment terms, with UK ad-spend seeing continuous growth this is truly an aspirational sector with growing opportunities but one that needs to work hard to attract the next generation and provide them with a varied and fulfilling career.

A new generation of marketeers will also help the UK deliver on software opportunities both for business and the wider UK economy, allowing us to take on the American giants like Apple, Google’s, Facebooks and Microsoft's.  


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