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Why Media Shortlisted For 2018 Revo Purple Apple Award for Digital Marketing;

   NEWS / 23 Mar 2018

Published: 23 March 2018

Our client, Woking Shopping, has been shortlisted for the Purple Apple Award for digital marketing! The reward acknowledges and rewards our high standards of excellence within our advent calendar campaign Christmas 2017 for Woking shopping.


The Revo Purple Apple Marketing awards is an exclusive event celebrating the marketing of shopping/town centre’s in the UK retail property sector. Furthermore, the award recognises marketers’ capability to be flexible regarding the changing digital environment as well as managing their budgets. The award also is a reflection of the centre’s performance in terms of retail sales as well as being able to adjust new initiatives in digital marketing.

Through a ruthless elimination process, we found ourselves short-listed for the award. After applying, we realised our competition was fierce, but we also recognised our Woking shopping Campaign was a strong one. We were competing with various events and campaigns, such as a student night tour at trinity in Leeds with huge brand sales for students, to #MyMCK in Manchester, inviting people to share their style in the city. Our Woking shopping centre advent calendar was widely accessible for all audiences, with no exclusive application needed to enter. Our event instead promoted prize-winning and rewarded our customers.

As a means of attracting applicants, you needed simply apply online to the Woking shopping website. You would then wait for an electronic response to see if you were successful in winning a prize. Tenants at Woking shopping donated prizes generously, developing and increasing in value as the month progressed. This enticed more competitors and with much success; we had more than 5,000 entries with a further 6,000 additional website visits.

Overall, Woking’s Advent Calendar allowed an easy access to a competition that targeted a broad audience; promoting our tenants products as well as the festive theme that resonated with the people who took part. If we were to win, the award would be a reflection of our effort to make the campaign the best it could be, as well as publicly recognising our diligent work ethic in an attempt to guarantee success for our client.


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