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Effectively Measuring Your Brands Purpose

   NEWS / 14 Feb 2018

Published: 14 February 2018

At Why Media, delivering on set KPIS and creating engaging campaigns that have a real impact, is paramount to what we do. That’s why we were surprised to learn that 60% of purposeful marketing campaigns don’t go on to measure their societal impact as part of their campaign KPIs.

We are living in a world filled with brand purpose, with millennials at the core of many target markets, either in a customer or recruitment perspective. More and more brands are beginning to take a stance on societal issues that need changing, with 75% of key customers claiming that a brands sustainability affects their shopping choices. Yet how do we really know if marketing campaigns are having a lasting impact on these vital issues? The answer is, we don’t.  

The hot topic of 2018 is S.M.A.R.T. and striving to fully understand the effectiveness of campaigns. It’s clear that as market leaders, we want to create engaging campaigns that make the world a better place, by improving the environment, promoting diversity or supporting key causes. However, they currently aren’t being served well by how they’re measured, without which, we face the risk turning a genuine desire to make a positive impact in our communities into a superficial cause, threatening to ruin reputations, and erode trust in our industry.

Brands with genuine purpose need to make sure that societal KPIs are at the heart of the ideas process. When it comes to fundraising, the answer is simple, and ROI comes in the form of a figure raised. However such matters as environmental causes and diversity, can be much less clear to measure. Many successful companies champion diversity as their USP, however, no tangible measurements exist and with a lack of industry standard, how can we truly know the equivalent of “doing good”?

One factor often used as a signpost for the choice of agency or brand is awards. Yet quite often, campaign wins are based on stunning creative rather than the societal change that occurred as a result. Of course, great creative is a mark of excellence but it’s not the only mark, and a change that is yet to be seen is mutually exclusive creative and impactful communications, something that can be seen as a vital partnership. As an industry, a goal for 2018 should be to join the two concepts in all campaigns to achieve widespread effect and change.

Claire White, Account Director at Why Media comments “As a business, we are committed to delivering on our promise to our clients to deliver campaigns that are not only effective, but that have a purpose. We hope that in the future our industry can be confident in the fact that we have developed campaigns that have truly made a difference”

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