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Winning the War of SEO

   NEWS / 02 Nov 2017

Published: 02 November 2017

The battle to be at the top of online searches is fierce and it is undeniable that great content, design and usability are simply not enough anymore. Maintaining high SEO performance is easier said than done. It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with rapidly changing trends, costing businesses precious time and effort. Despite the complexity of this, it is highly important for businesses to invest in SEO considering 93% of all online experiences begin with a Search Engine and a total of 75% of users never scroll past page 1!



Before getting into the tips and tricks of SEO, it is important to understand how it really works. Search Engine Optimisation works by increasing your website’s relevance and visibility to your target audience. The system updates and organises content on your website and features the specific keywords your target audience use when searching for your services or products. This helps the website appear more visible in Google and other search engines and allows it to get noticed by the right audience.

Search engines analyse websites on a number of factors to determine position within the different searches and ranking. In order to be in charge of the way your website is ranked, three components need to be optimised within your business website: code, content and inbound links. When it comes to optimising code, it is important that the code on your website is clean and streamlined while following the industry’s best practices. In order to achieve the best results, your website needs to be built from the ground up. On the other hand, in order to optimise content, it is important to understand your target audience’s needs and motivations in order to determine what drives them to your site. Finally, optimising inbound links is a very important component for a successful SEO. The more sites that link to your site, the more reputable and trustworthy it appears to search engines. In order to ensure this, social media marketing is a very important contributor helping your business engage with the target audience and enticing them to access the site.

The SEO helps businesses build branding and credibility. Users will use several different combinations of keywords when searching on Google. The more times your website shows up for all searches, the more credibility you earn. SEO also helps attract relevant traffic to the website as the system helps your target audience find you in a quick and efficient manner. And finally, it will help your business get insight into your customers. Thanks to Google Analytics, you can find out how users that came across your website search, how they browse, the language they use, the technology they use, their location, the days and times they are most active in, etc. This will allow your business to understand the target audience in more detail and will allow your business to tailor their needs.

“It is very important to build a website for the user and not the business. SEO is becoming an essential marketing tactic to achieve this, and being on top of the game in this area is becoming more important than ever”

Leah Hickey, Marketing Manager at Why Media


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