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Facebook Stories & Instagram Stories Link

   NEWS / 24 Oct 2017

Published: 24 October 2017

Facebook has been having a lot of issues with the decreased amount of users of their Stories feature. However, this might soon be a thing of the past as it has been confirmed that there will be an option to link your Instagram Stories to Facebook. Although it has been stated that you can’t do this in reverse, nothing has been said of that never happening.

The idea is to cut down time of manually linking the Stories together as well as the image quality not reducing when the posts are saved and uploaded to a different platform. The point of the Stories feature is to capture moments in time and therefore, by linking the two platforms this confirms that and nothing will need to be reuploaded after the event. Facebook has made it clear that even though Stories has had a slow start since it launched in July, they believe it will be the new trend.

It has been found in recent reports that young social media users are less engaged with Facebook than any of the social media platforms and therefore are spending less time on the site. This feature will hopefully create an increase in a number of users logging in which will result in an increase of time spent.

Currently, it seems as though people are willing to watch Facebook Stories but there is less content available compared to other platforms. This may be because the feature is not available to businesses and also the camera is more glitchy than Instagram. On the other hand, Instagram Stories are open to all accounts and the feature is a lot more polished with stickers, filters, and a quality camera. This suggests that at the moment, to get the most views Facebook Stories would give you the best opportunity as there is less to watch.

Down the line, it would be great if all of Facebook’s family of apps allow cross-posting so that no matter where the content is posted, one single upload will share to Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or Messenger. From then, it would be ideal for Facebook to understand who had watched the content on what platform so the Story wouldn’t show if they had already been viewed somewhere else.

Despite Facebook being criticized for cloning the Stories feature from Snapchat,  they are not backing down and stopping them. The head of design, Luke Woods has stated, “we’re putting people first. We’re focusing on the outcome, on helping them achieve their goals, and secondarily on what form that takes.” Even though Facebook may need to swallow its pride, Stories are what the users want and therefore, they will give them what they want to increase numbers.

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